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Pascal Flork Career

Services for artistic creations since 2002

After a background as a musician, then working on the technical and development of the Pro Tools audio system for 5 years at Avid, I started my freelance sound engineer business in 2002. This allowed me to invest in my own equipment, to keep the gear up to date and to increase the technical and artistic experience in cinema, music, television ...

Sound engineer at heart, I developed my skills in everything from music to cinema and television (fiction, documentaries ...).

From sound recording to mixing, I practice what is a technical & artistic passion for more than 20 years. The projects were numerous:

  • In music : ZebdaRandy BreckerBernard Lavilliers, Lisa NilssonManu ChaoLes MotivésCalogéro, Mc SolaarYodacity and many others...  
  • For Cinema : "Made In Jamaïca" directed by Jérôme Laperrousaz, "Woman at War" directed by Benedikt Erlingsson ou encore "Dreaming with Open Eyes" directed by Niels Lan Doky or documentaries and / or feature films; experiences " Intérieurs", "le Coffre" directed by Gabriel Pistre, "Revenir" directed by Anne-Marie Puga, " Le Canal de Muller" directed by Raphaëlle Rio or "Pizza", "Le Baiser des Gens Perdus" de Grégory Lucillyfor the short- cinematographic footage;  
  • As well as the TV:  "Plus Belle la Vie", " La Nouvelle Star", "la Musicale", "Concert de Ni putes, ni soumises" are part of her television experiences for both mixing and recording.

"One of the best job opportunities I had was to be able to work in every job to quench my thirst for learning, opening up multidisciplinary skills!"

Passionate about sound and technology, I work most of the time with my own equipment ensuring reliability and keeping the park up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Beyond my service activities, I regularly conduct training sessions for operators and sound operators.I regular conduct training sessions for sound operators & engineer.


While pascal 'pako' Flork is an Avid company employee, and in full wave Trip-Hop / Electro period he produced with Tony Samplart the album "Pulsrar" under the name A complete experience of production, recording, mixing, mastering ... that besides the success of esteem brought a founding experience for the years that were going to follow.

The amaDus project was the logical continuation of a few years of productions and group experiences on stage and in the studio.

Studio Music & sound production


Was the year of the launch ... the recording of the album "Utopia of Occase" realized by Nick Sansano was a more than formative introduction to integrate the artistic precision in the technical actions.

Many musical productions came after. Studio albums of course, but also film music or even live recordings.

Music Live Recordings

since 2002

The 2000s saw the burgeoning of live albums twice released on CD & DVD. This is a time which the production demand was very strong.
Live's recordings were then chained by starting on a Calogéro Bonus album, in collaboration with Stéphane Plisson, then the lives for Les Motivés, Zebda (in collaboration with Madje Malki of Potard Hurlant), Manu Chao, Les Hurlements de Léo, Bernard Lavilliers, Arielle Dombasle, Indochine (in collaboration with Philippe Dubich aka Dub), with a special mention for the Aldebert's one .... a few where pako co-praised for the Television TV that Lisa Nilsson, Randy Brecker .. .. Rock'n'Roll gyms up to Bercy through the Zeniths, clubs ... and other various acoustics places.

An experience as physical as technically rich especially in terms of precision and sound. His recordings were particularly appreciated for the quality public ambiances where Pako had developed a provision of microphones to reproduce the public atmosphere of the room in 5.1

TV post-production: fiction series

2004 - 2006

This is the year of the start of a series that will be a milestone in the French Television history. Its format, its programmation frequency: daily (and thus of production) ... the productions  and post-production methods which had not been dared before. Pascal 'pako' Flork participated in collaboration with his friend Pascal Hochenedel at the launch of the series "Plus Belle La Vie" broadcast on France 3 ... still on the air in 2018 is 15 seasons later. All the foundations of post-production sound were developed during the first episodes to respond to the daily flow that was the most difficult constraint to deal with. At this point too, Pascal 'pako' Flork makes his way with the Avid Workflow system that was then called Unity (then ISIS, then Nexis) with the first versions of Interplay.

Beyond the implementation of post-production revenue to support the flow rate, the technical challenge was large and all the time on the limit! Once fully launched, pako left this production in 2006.

The meeting with the cinema & the documentary

2005 - 2006

An introduction to the musical door with the Cinema. Jérôme Lapperousaz's documentary this time took me to the Caribbean, and more precisely to Jamaica! Cradle of Reggae where Bob Marley is celebrated as a god. Between music, "religion", very strong culture in a former British colony a little anarchic and especially very poor ... filming was a great human adventure, and especially a real slap for the rest of my career. The Jamaicans are creative and have managed to produce a unique sound, almost inimitable because they produce with what they have available. Beyond the film, much wider than the documentary theme, the lived experience on the spot was a great thing that will remain unique and so enriching in reflections and especially in sound matter. Incredible sounds, emotional music, huge-hearted humans living in a form of continuous violence ..... woooooooooo .....

From sound take to post-production

Since 2008

From mixing music to mixing drama, from the live music sound recording to sound take on sets ... 2008 was the year when I began to work on my current concept: from sound take & documentaries sound recordings to mixing.

After mixing a musical documentary and interviews with Niels LanDoky "Dreaming with Open Eyes", then a first short film "Revenir" by Anne-Marie Puga, I was gradually asked to cover the channel. sound production of projects from sound recording to 5.1 mixing. First with Gabriel Pistre's "Le Coffre", then a number of projects were chained afterwards.

Consulting & Technical Operations


The year 2013 was entirely dedicated to a mission within the Canal + group. By integrating the integration & support service (for a temporary mission that lasted only two months and finally lasted 11), I was able to cover almost the entire sound chain of all the prestigious channels that they were then. The small team dedicated to audio, at the same time had to ensure all maintenance operations, but also deployment of new systems emanating from engineering projects, respond to everyday problems and participate but also anticipate future technical choices. It was a very great experience, which even absorbed me over the whole year, completed and enriched my knowledge around audio, post-production, broadcast, cinema ... I do not could dream better. On the other hand, this mission was entrusted to me by the excellent company Aski-da, who did me the honor to join their team during my time with Canal +.

Audio, media, web, platforms & servers

Since 2014

I became interested (and passionated) in the engines development of internet platforms, especially via CMS - Content Management Systems - from 2008. After years of learning, development and testing, it is in 2014 that I started the development of concrete projects. First of all the first version of which served as a laboratory. Then which after months of developments then phases of finalization and testing (interspersed with my normal professional activity) will be officially launched during the last quarter of 2018. Private training platforms for some of my missions. And some upcoming projects that I'm already working on.

But what does it have to do with the sound you think! Much more than we believe:

  • First the management of media and streaming, with the understanding of the compression qualities to anticipate the mixes.
  • Mastery of file exchange, security, encryption tools ... to offer more services to my clients.
  • The gain in flexibility and speed because the web has also accompanied post-production times increasingly restricted.
  • The economy in post-production costs.
  • ...
  • And a deep conviction that the de-materialized exchanges, bring distant services and new modes of work.

It is an apprenticeship that has not been done overnight, which is very far from the practices of sound, but the mastery of access to content and the platform and the servers that host it and the key to offering solutions. Efficient, innovative and reliable services. on which you are currently browsing is one of the fruits of this journey.

Mix of music and music in the image

Since 2015

It's a big return to the music I'm living; but this time it's about music in the picture. It's thanks to a number of meetings, especially with Fabien Garosi. The sound for music in the picture is exciting; whether it's sound recording or mixing. It is often charged with emotions that must be highlighted and link to the image and what she wants to express .. which can sometimes be contradictory. SuSu, film by Yixi Sun, composed by Fabien Garosi is a true witness of this work as exciting as precise, and linking the artistic technique (or vice versa).

International Travel


The activities of sound engineer, consultant, service provider bring me very regularly (several times a year) to produce international travel. One of the latest was filming Benedikt Erlingsson's "Woman at War" ... in Iceland! (photo of the film opposite). My mission was to record the maximum of musical material produced on the sets because the musicians are real characters in this film. It was also an opportunity to record many atmospheres that were used in the film, but also for my own personal collection. I particularly like this type of adventure, because they are so many original discoveries that must be translated and printed on soundtracks.

Training & technical operations/ consulting

Since 2002

The many experiences lived are worthwhile only if they are shared. This is the meaning of the training, consulting and technical intervention activities I have been doing since the beginning. These activities allow to discover corners of the world, men & women, cultures and practices that enrich one another. New Caledonia, Russia, Qatar, Korea, Guyana, Morocco, Tunisia, Wallis & Futuna, USA, UK ... here are jumble some of the dozens of destinations that sometimes make dreaming where I intervened in this context. ARTE, Avid, BeIn Sports, Canal +, France Télévisions & Outremer, M6, TF1 ... are all customers that bring me to their French and international production sites.