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from sound take to mix

from sound take to mix : sound services

Documentaries sound take and stage sound shooting

Documentaries sound takes and stage sound shooting. pascal complete sound production services

Stereo, 5.1, VR 360

From production to mixing in post-production. Pascal Flork offers the integral service for your production's sound part.

Film & Documentary sound post-production

Film & Documentary Sound Post-production :

Music Live recording

Music Live Recording : sound services

Music producing & mixing,
Music mixing for film

Music producing & mixing, ​​​​​​​Music mixing for film

Sound gear & equipment included in the service

Dedicated & Secure Cloud Server for File Exchanges


Sound design Services

Sources are fundamental & constitute your raw material sound ... They condition the post-production quality.
Place public in context & draw their attention to a specific action. Ambiances & sound effects are the keys.
Stereo, 5.1, VR360 Mixing. Artistic intentions enhancement while respecting the broadcast needs.
All equipment included. Secure server for viewing / listening, uploading & downloading files.

Ambisonic (VR/360) / 5.1 sound takes for ambiances

In addition to stage audio shooting and / or documentaries, sound recordings of ambiances in particular are made in 5.1 or Ambisonic for a more faithful rendering: a real added value for your production.

Original Sound Bank

More than 4TB of original sounds, recorded according to the travels, shootings and many situations encountered. Unlikely to have the same sounds as other productions.


Sound Take/ Recordings
stage & documentary
sound post-production studio
Sound editing & mixing
Music Live Recording
mobile studio

some of the suggested services...

Sound Recording

Stage sound take, documentary, Music Live recording

starts from 650 € (VAT excl.)/day
  • Listed equipement included
  • Stage Sound Take
  • 5.1 ambiances sound recording
  • Downloading encrypted files from secured server.

Complete sound services for your production

From sound recording to mixing

starts from 550€ (VAT excl.)/day
  • Listed gear gear included
  • Stage Sound Take/ Music Live recording 
  • Sound editing, music editing.
  • 5.1, stereo, VR360 Mixing 
  • Uploading, downloading, listening/viewing audio material from the secured server
  • Complete follow up of you sound production
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Sound Post-production/Sound Mixing

Sound editing &/or Sound Mixing

starts from 500 € (VAT excl.)/ day
  • Post-Production/mixing studio included
  • Sound editing, music editing, sound fx
  • Audio master ready to stream/broadcast/DCP
  • Upload, download, listen & view, comment files from secured server