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Sound Edit / Sound FX

Sound Edit, Sound FX : services

Place public in context & focus their attention to a specific action. Ambiances, sound effects are the sound editing keys.  

The sound editing: first step to give a sound life to your production.

It may be more or less important depending on the program type. For example :

  • On a news report: it is relatively succinct and can be summed up most of the time with a simple cleaning of the tracks and a work on the editing points to make it fluid.

  • On a documentary: again it will be more focused on direct voices and moods, it may require some care on the connections of moods, rhythm, music so that your documentary is highlighted.

  • On a web documentary: it will be much simpler than a documentary intended for a HDTV broadcast. Nevertheless the principles remain the same, voices, connections of atmospheres & music. But because of the particularity of the broadcast on the internet, the sound elements must be neither too numerous nor too big.

  • On a fiction: This is where the sound editing takes its full dimension because the atmospheres must often be reported or recreated, and sound fx main elements (doors, steps, car engines ...).

  • A live musical program / Live Shows: The techniques are very different than those described above. Such production requires editing & music mixing skills (historical activity of pascal 'pako' flork), and more simply a musical culture. Often the work of "editing" in the field of music and live performance is related to the conformation of multitrack editing frames, the choice and cleaning of multitrack and sometimes to the registration when it is possible to make the live performance more produced. A good music editing is half of the mix that is already done.


A sound bank rich in original creations and custom made sounds.

Sound and HD dressing.

Cinema or HDTV Films, as well as documentaries, require sound work to illustrate the best of what is happening in the image, but also out of context in order to place at most the viewer in the context of the action taking place before the eyes. This is a job made even more mandatory for TVHD programs, which in addition to the definition of the image, is enhanced by the 5.1 mix (Dolby Digital format).


Sound bank provided and original. has a 4TB sound bank currently. More concretely it represents thousands of sounds, original, prepared for both Stereo programs, as for 5.1 programs for TVHD or cinema. 90% of these sounds do not come from industrial banks, but have been recorded or created by Pascal 'pako' Flork. Indeed, it is all too common now that we hear the same sounds of doors, steps, or moods in most fiction.

The sound bank of is constantly evolving. It is very often fed with new sounds recorded in the contexts of our daily life.


Custom sounds.  also has ways to create sound effects. Material and recording locations, as well as trained, creative and fast practice.

Feel free to express your request around's sound and sound effects.


Custom music.

Pascal Flork has means of musical productions. So these means are complemented by a large network of authors / composers met over the years, on which we can rely and especially with whom you can be put in relationship.

Audio post-production

The post-production sound designates a set of stages including the treatment of Directs, Sound Editing, Sound effects and finally Mixing: true professional know-how.

Online tracking & project in residence

Online tracking of your audio post-production progress. Dedicated and secure server for all our data & files exchanges.  Studio-residence if you need to immerse yourself.