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Sound restoration


Your archives need to be valued: Restore damaged sound sources



Restoring archives & sound recordings

  • You have archives that require special care to make them audible according to the broadcasts requirements.
  • Certaines prises de vues ont été réalisées dans des conditions techniques difficiles, au détriment de la qualité sonore... ou encore certaines séquences ont été enregistrées dans des environnements très bruyants.


Sound restoration: specific tools and skills.

Sound restoration is often a difficult exercise requiring a range of very specific tools and skills that sometimes fall under the expertise. Technical knowledge, tools and patience are often the keys of sound restoration.

Pascal Flork owns these tools and skills to respond to a multitude of altered sounds. Linked to essential knowledge of broadcasting constraints (TV, HDTV, web streaming, Cinema).


Audio post-production

The post-production sound designates a set of stages including the treatment of Directs, Sound Editing, Sound effects and finally Mixing: true professional know-how.

Online tracking & project in residence

Online tracking of your audio post-production progress. Dedicated and secure server for all our data & files exchanges.  Studio-residence if you need to immerse yourself.