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Stereo, Multichannel & VR 360 Mixing

Stereo, 5.1, VR360 Mixing : services

Stereo, 5.1, VR360 Mixing. Artistic intentions enhancement while respecting the broadcast needs.


Mixing is at the sound level the ultimate artistic stage of your program.


This is one of the most awaited stages because it intervenes at the end of production. It is essential, requires taking a step back to appreciate the overall rendering of your production.


The Mixing duties:

  • Message audibility and presence.

  • Guarantee and reinforce the fluidity of the film by highlighting all the asperities which can disturb the viewing of the program.

  • Respond as accurately as possible to the artistic indications and intentions of the director and / or production.

  • The broadcasts standards compliance in accordance with the specifications of the broadcast media, or the broadcasters charts.

  • Generate the master sound for the preparation of the " Ready to broadcast "  


Mixing is an essential added value to a production:

Audio is the first contact that makes viewers discover the visual ... The mixing stage is essential: it is the implementation of the sound valuation of the image. Indeed, even before the image, it is the sound quality and the audibility of the message that allow the viewer to look up .... do yourself the experiment by turning on the TV on a program , but without looking at the screen, if the sound is there your eyes will be drawn to the images broadcasted ...



The technical assets of Pascal Flork's studio: listening quality, acoustic quality, measurements & calibrations:

  • ISO X curve for cinema standards.

  • VR 360 mixing ready.

  • ITU standards compliance for placement of 5.1 plays

  • Listening Calibration for TV Mixing (SD & HD).

  • Measurement tools to calibrate mixes at medium level and Peaks.

  • Tools & know-how about the program's presence treatments.

  • Measurement tools & know-how to ensure backward compatibility (5.1 to dolby SR, to stereo to mono).

Audio post-production

The post-production sound designates a set of stages including the treatment of Directs, Sound Editing, Sound effects and finally Mixing: true professional know-how.

Online tracking & project in residence

Online tracking of your audio post-production progress. Dedicated and secure server for all our data & files exchanges.  Studio-residence if you need to immerse yourself.