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Dedicated & Secure Cloud Server for File Exchanges

The speed of the exchanges and the making files available for you are often essential and determining. In parallel with its sound engineering activities, Pako develops media platforms that meet all the requirements of security and discretion regarding file exchanges. This platform, which you currently use for consulting this site, is one of them and offers the following features:


  • Access to a private account.
  • Secure https protocol.
  • Files uploads.
  • File downloads.
  • Filing of intentions notes.
  • Private page by project.
  • Watching & listening online.
  • Request for changes online.
  • 256 bits data encryption.
  • Internal private messaging.

Documentary & stage Sound Take

The sound is a step not to neglect ... it must be treated! Like the pictures, she is your raw material in the making of a movie.

Audio post-production

The post-production sound designates a set of stages including the treatment of Directs, Sound Editing, Sound effects and finally Mixing: true professional know-how.

Live music recording

The mobile recording setup is a recording studio that comes to you. Whether for a live performance, musical shootings, or in any places not usually equipped.

Online tracking & project in residence

Online tracking of your audio post-production progress. Dedicated and secure server for all our data & files exchanges.  Studio-residence if you need to immerse yourself.