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Martinique La 1ère - Avid Workflow & Pro ToolsHD Upgrade

Job description

4th Outremer La1ère station to be deployed, Martinique La1ère has a new production infrastructure based on an Avid Nexis / Interplay Workflow. With the big difference of the 3 previous stations, this upgrade arrives with a change of size since Martinique La1ère moves in a new building in front of sea of ​​Fort de France.

It is in this context that after 9 years I crossed again the ground Martiniquais. The same team almost expected me before the switch in their new work environment based on a Pro Tools HDx, Pro Tools HD12 and a modular control surface system around an EuCon S3 & Pro Tools Dock. Like the colleagues from the other overseas stations already deployed, a lot of news awaited them, which was the Training's subject & of our constructive exchanges around the work methodology evolution. Because that's what's magic with the Avid environment - and more specifically the Pro Tools HD system - it may have decided to work almost seamlessly as before, or take advantage of new features to progress in its working method; especially in the face of the problems encountered on the flow programs production. This is what was done with the team in place that had barely changed since 2009; and as always in good humor and good intelligence to make the most of our allocated time with new functionalities discovering.

The system and building scales were effective after December 20, 2018. The Upgrade / Training part was piloted & operated by Avid.