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SUSU Premiere in London

Job description

A great moment of excitement is to discover a movie on which we worked! It was the case for Fabien Garosi, original soundtrack composer of the film, and myself who mixed his music ... felt bizarre and 90 minutes later we are reassured ;-)

Susu was screened in two London venues for its European premiere; he was already screened in China, Canada, and took the U.S.A way after.

The first night rather reserved for a large part of the film crew (but not that) was sold out. A question and answer session was followed by our Fabien Garosi, who, like any other artist, was not very comfortable but managed that exercise with great brilliance !!! ;-))

This feature film running on the codes of Thriller, and Psychological Thriller is Yixi Sun's first film as a director. A success, the public has greatly appreciated.

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