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Job description

After months of cogitations, a few short weeks of work, this is my new site is online. It could be a version 4.0! The V3 was already 4 years old.


New features:

  • A more complete site, faster with new features running under drupal8.
  • From Sound Recording to Mixing: all sound steps for your production
  • Private project page to host your media on a secure server.
  • Download or upload your files related to your project.
  • Listen and / or watch the post-production work stages accessible 24/7.
  • Comment and requests for changes online.
  • Invite a collaborator to see the project (under development).
  • Private and internal messaging at with sending a copy in your mailbox. becomes ... why?

First of all, a fierce desire to claim a know-how that over the years has been built on international travel. I deeply want to pay homage to these experiences, to these meetings which inspired me very much in my professional life as well as in my more intimate philosophy. A desire to claim - and there is so much way to go that my next words may seem pretentious - that Europe can not be just a matter of financial transactions or clever speculators. firstly, to be a Europe of exchanges of know-how, culture, common projects, a less destructive vision of our natural and social environments ... and our societies! A desire to continue to travel, meet, inspire, to profit as accurately and intelligently as possible from new technologies to break a few more borders.

In short, I will probably be able to write you a poor quality essay while continuing, but you probably have understood me! ;-) The idea is to be able to serve projects wherever they occur ... and to affirm an identity with added value.


An evolution not only technical ....

This site is also the result of a few years of testing, often very happy experiences, sometimes less. Both aspects learn a lot. So I really worked (and it's far from over) new features:

  • Clearer and better informed blog pages or references.
  • News feeds related to social networks (coming soon)
  • Opportunities to exchange, to contact each other while remaining on the site. (feature available soon)
  • Dedicated, secure project pages that I had developed over time in the V3 but which required a flattening for simplicity. (being finalized)
  • And finally a platform that becomes a real tool for projects.

And then there are technological developments that help a lot. This new version includes a development core based on Drupal 8 (for connoisseurs) that has many advantages in terms of security, reliability and speed. It's especially a great base for future developments and lets me project a lot of ideas.

The server is a physical server, dedicated to a very large data center. Server on which I have full control. It is a choice that is an additional layer of work but that has the advantage of guaranteeing me total control and understanding of its operation .... and a guaranteed bandwidth that I do not share with any other entity.


Training services in all this?

I always have the idea of ​​offering a real online training tool. But it's a project by itself that requires thinking about the technical and economic models. That's why focuses more on the aspect of services and other dedicated projects are under development or finalization. As I develop all this with my own technical means & knowledge .... finally I am in eternal learning ... everything is played with the patience which has at least one virtue, that of thinking well how to do the best since competition, financial volume and speed are not the primary criteria.

As for the directors who ask me, it's a little my notes of intentions that I give you here .... It's also in parallel with my activities as a sound engineer, 10 years of work and research that start to succeed and a series of services that will be gradually offered to all of you who have trusted me, or who will honor me.

More to come soon!

Pascal 'pako' Flork