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Job description

12 years ! Twelve years since I had not returned to Tahiti. The same team was almost there before rocking into their new Nexis / Interplay-based work environment, Pro Tools HDx, Pro Tools HD12, and a modular control surface system based on an EuCon S3 & Pro Tools Dock. Many points were to be addressed for this overseas station which had been the test and pilot platform for all other La 1ere stations in 2006. The success has been such that the renewal of equipment continues on Avid solutions.

The team & more generally Tahitians are warm, hospitable, lovely people which made it a shorter stay than during my first visit but just as rich. The rocking for the airing since went well, good road to all the team of Polynésie La 1ere.

It was a mission mandated by Avid.

Link to the reference project