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"Woman At War" film shooting in Iceland

Job description

The professional life sometimes reserves exceptional experiences .... A Woman At War is undoubtedly one of these (maybe a main one). The  base request was already totally atypical: to record musicians (members of the ADHD jazz band), directly on the film sets in Iceland's natural scenery .... Why this? Because they are part of the film and have a rather special role in storytelling!

For reasons of climate, visibility, physical constraints ... it's just impossible ... yet the production (Marianne Slot - Carine Leblanc for Slot Machine) & Benedikt Erlingsson (the director) gave me confidence and asked me to take up that challenge! Craziness or taste of adventure, I accepted! Sometimes supported or sometimes directed by the excellent soundman François De Morant. A rather unique collaboration!

The musicians have provided an equally incredible material, a creation for the shot very original. A real agreement has been established with them .... ah last detail .... except the French production (3 people), François De Morant, the perchman and myself ... all the rest of the team was Icelandic and Ukrainian; it was a real meeting in very strong cultural immersion. An experience that will probably remain unique and worth the effort for almost two months.

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