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France 3 Bourgogne : Pro Tools/ EuCon S3/ ProTools Dock Training

Job description

France3 Dijon has invested in a new Pro Tools 12.x station, with Eucon S3 control surfaces and a Pro Tools Dock with PT | Control software on iPad.
This station is intended to cover a number of local productions such as documentaries, magazines and a number of non-production content of the newscast.
On the initiative of the technical supervision  team and mixers, I settled in immersion for a little over a month to train them on this brand new production station connected to an ISIS / Interplay. We put the equipment into operation, trained all the versatile operators (they make as much of the sound as of the post-production, the sound truck and the broadcast), and started a post-production of documentary.
True complicity has gradually developed, and has facilitated the transmission of knowledge and adaptation to their production cultures (I put it well in the plural).
A humble, multidisciplinary, multi-generational team that works with a certain balance.

I completed these training sessions with small thematic videos that were dedicated to remind them of some essential features of Pro Tools. It is a practice that I put with the team of mixers of Canal + which had appreciated it enough.

Good luck to the France3 Bourgogne team based in Dijon that I left with serenity but a little pinch in the heart all the same!

Link to the reference project