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SUSU soundtrack mixing, composed by Fabien Garosi

Job description

An orchestral music, recorded in Budapest by Fabien Garosi ... for an International Thriller!

SUSU is written and directed by a young Chinese director living in London: Yixi Sun. Between thriller and psychological tensions, haunted castle English atmosphere, this co-production UK-China is full of promise ...

In this type of film production, music plays an essential role almost like a character who lives in all situations. This is the challenge taken up by Fabien Garosi a composer I particularly like, as his artistic sense always reserves beautiful surprises in his creations. He gave me the privilege of being able to follow this project since the birth of the first themes, which allowed him to accompany his music until the delivery of the masters to be integrated into the film. Quality material, recorded with an orchestra session that he drove himself.

Every detail, every accent had a particular intention that it was not a question of betraying; yet Fabien left me the task of discovering all this material to bring him proposals that enriched this creation. A movie to see, a music to listen to, a set to live.

Link to the reference project