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Gabriel Pistre

Interiors (Elsewhere / Boxwood).

18 minutes • 4k digital cinema

written and directed by Gabriel Pistre • with Florence Vaconsin

DOP: Denis Louis • Sound: Pascal Flork • Music: Gérôme Pistre

Costumes: Vanessa Ruiz • Produced by Olivier Desagnat

Boxwood / Ailleurs Productions 2010

A second and very beautiful adventure with the team formed by and around Gabriel Pistre. A delight with a character constantly tormented on screen embodied by Florence Vaconsin. The spectator looks from the outside at his inner torments. A short film whose play, framing and sound combine to supplant the dialogues. To discover absolutely!

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Post-Production of "Interiors" written & directed by Gabriel Pistre

And it was left for a new adventure with Gabriel Pistre (Boxwood) and Olivier Desagnat (Ailleurs Productions) for their new production: "Interiors".

16 minutes Short movie , whose main role is held by Florence Vasconsin.

Nina, a young woman who is understood to have recently arrived from a far-off country, is a housekeeper at a woman's house ("Madame"). Torn between an absent but stifling woman, and memories she has fled, the fear of violence, and a violent relationship with her boss, a drama unfolds gradually in an apartment that, for Nina, is at the same time a refuge and a prison.

Very beautiful pictures by Denis Louis, assisted by Natacha Raymond, in a closed setting where only natural light was used to support a very special atmosphere. As for "The Chest" the digital camera Red One has been pushed back into its technical barriers with a 4K image shot.

On the sound side, your servant signs the sound until the mix, passing by the editing and sound effects entirely created for this film. Stereo and 5.1 mixes that have just been completed, for an upcoming DCP master (projection of cinema in digital that was recently more popularized by the huge success of Avatar). It was again a very rich collaboration with Gabriel Pistre, who gave a very elaborate and neat soundtrack. Soon in festivals, and probably some teaser soon on this site.