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Tunisian TV ETT

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Pro Tools 101 & 110 - Workflow
Tunis (Tunisia)
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Pro Tools 101, 110 & Workflow Training & Certifications

6 years after the commissioning of the Avid / ISIS / Interplay-based workflow, it was time to upgrade the production tool. In this upgrade, Tunisian Television has gone from a Pro Tools HDAccel version 8.x to a version 11.x. Similarly, the video portion of Pro Tools has evolved into a mojoDX.

It was in this evolution that the joy of finding a large part of the Pro Tools operators present at the start in 2009, more new elements of the team to provide a Avid Pro Tools Course 101, Avid Pro Tools 110, and a review complete production workflow.

The welcome was as studious as the good humor and the spirit of warm group ... despite a dense program, the whole group has always shown diligence, interest, incredible kindness ... something fantastic really happened.

I take this news to renew my congratulations! Indeed, all have Pro Tools 101 certification, Pro Tools 110, and Pro Tools workflow exam.