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Presidential Palace of Turkmenistan

Type de prestation/ Service delivery
Service delivery
Training theme
Getting started with mixing control in the HD production control room
Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)
Société/ Company
Actualité/ News
TV Mixing in Turkmenistan

It is within the framework of the realization of a big building site around the presidential palace that the Bouygues group appealed to the various competences of Les Lapins Bleus formation to initiate a technical team to the capture from HD boards.
One of these boards installed in the palace of the protocol (vast official palace where take place the acceuil of heads of States but also the councils of the ministers, speeches, ...) was the favorite ground to meet our Turkmen counterparts in order to make them discover their powerful tools in the big production boards imagined by experts from TF1 & the Preview companies; all for the image is planned for HD production, and it was for the sound part to configure the post and explain the console to a counterpart on the spot. A real human encounter first took place. We hope to continue this adventure to bring them more upstream in the exploitation of their new tools once all work is completed.