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Le Baiser des Gens Perdus

Grégory Lucilly
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Le Baiser des gens perdus

There are some favorites sometimes ... artistic favorites, human favorites.
"Le Baiser des gens perdus" (The Kiss of Lost People) is one of those beautiful projects that brings the two together.
The artistic favorite is that of this film, which beyond its particular history that took four years to complete, is a difficult story, with torn & lost characters, treated with a sobriety and a tender look that comes out of the ordinary cinematographic.
The human favorite too, with Grégory Lucilly - the author / director -, knowing as much what he is looking for that he knows also entrust his film for an artistic expression. Sound editing, sound effects, and 5.1 mixing were the areas entrusted by Grégory to bring this film to the fullest of emotion.
The meeting had taken place before, on the previous short film Grégory Lucilly, "Pizza" a kind of dramatic farce full of references in the codes of humor and Thriller in particular. "The Kiss of Lost People" takes us totally elsewhere, closer to social drama, where finally the casualties of life can meet and bring perhaps a touch of hope ...
This is also the story of this film, made in pain, crossing stages seemingly insurmountable but which ultimately gives a very nice result and a very nice atmosphere.