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Audiovisual Service of Mailly-le-Camp Military Base

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Service delivery
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Getting Started Pro Tools HD / Command | 8
Mailly-le-camp (France, 10)
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Pro Tools HD at the Mailly-Le-Camp military base

A Pro Tools HD on a military base? What for ? ;-)

The base of Mailly-le-Camp is a training center for soldiers of the army who leave very quickly in ground operation at the end of their stay on this base.

An audiovisual production / post-production unit, run by civilians, follows the trainings and produces reports whose exploitation is internal most of the time (Even if very few promotional videos can be found on the internet).

To increase the quality of their post-production, a number equipment has been integrated, including a Pro Tools HD with an SDI video card installed, connected to a shared FCP storage server. Speak booth, production workflow everything is done for efficient and quality productions.

The operators are multitasking and are also cultivated with video, sound recording or mixing like Sébastien Coutoux. A good encounter in an unusual context