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Service delivery
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Sound Post-Production training in an ISIS / Interplay Workflow with Pro Tools HD9 / Satellite Video / D-Command"
La Plaine Saint-Denis (France, 93)
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ISIS / Interplay Workflow Training on Pro ToolsHD / D-Command / Video Satellite

The launch of a new channel is always a busy moment in adrenaline!

This will undoubtedly be the case for CFoot which should start broadcasting this summer. Cfoot is a channel totally dedicated to Football, news, reports, documentaries .... the programs formats should be quite numerous.

The technical nerve of production for the channel will revolve around an Avid ISIS / Interplay workflow, where the mixing controller is equipped with Pro Tools HD / D-Command / Video Satellite connected to this workflow.

It is in this context that it was necessary to make a decision in hand of the small team of mixers who should officiate in the mix. After a few refinements of integrated workflow settings and implemented by CTM Solutions, we quickly immersed ourselves in the environment and production tools, in a very short time of 2 days. It goes without saying that training and rehearsals on the initiative of Alain & Jacques mixers are essential to start production. Good luck to them and all our best wishes to CFoot!