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France Télévisions University

France Télévision: Training of internal trainers in the implementation of the EBU/R128 standard

The EBU/R128 is a true evolution in the consideration of sound in the audiovisual, and it had not happened for a long time. This is a real opportunity to reflect on practices including mixing for the last 25 years, take a step back and question the systematism of the reduction of dynamics.

What are the fundamental principles of EBU/R128? What landmarks and how to take them? How to put the EBU/R128 into practice? What are the challenges and what are we looking for? How to transmit this information to other operators in the field? These are the topics discussed with the internal trainers of France Television who are operators above all and will have to transmit to their fellow operators. an immense program on which committed France Télévisions University, in a long-term work organized in particular by Rozenn Le Run. In accompanying these internal trainers, it is not only training sessions that the University France Television offered me, but medium-term support to be a privileged interlocutor of these operators-trainers. A great project that is as innovative as it is exciting.

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Service delivery
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R128, pratiques de mixages news; Formation des formateurs internes à France Télévision
Vanves (France, 92)
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