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Gabriel Pistre / Jean-Baptiste Beïs
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"Skolkovo" from sound take on sets to 7.1 mixing

This is a really unusual project!

A team intervening rather in the production of cinematographic works was asked for the production of a film around a project of technological & architectural development ... in Russia.

The challenge was to invent a city and the life that emerges from a gigantic place that does not exist yet, where universities, nature, residence, high-tech industries mingle.

Challenge raised by a team gathered around Gabriel Pistre (Boxwood) great manitou organizing the stand Skolkovo in this exhibition, with the brilliant executive producer Olivier Desagnat (Ailleurs productions), Jean-baptiste Beîs (Director), Denis Louis ( Head Operator / Director of Photography), Isabelle Yambi (editor) ... and Pascal 'pako' Flork your servant.

The first stage was shooting days in Moscow completed by a few days in France.

The second step was the post-production to adapt the film to a place of diffusion quite atypical!

6 screens of 2mx2m were installed in the room of 100m2, the images diffused on these 6 screens constituted the film!
As for the sound, we started from an industrial broadcast format 7.1 (SDDS) to cover the entire stand and immerse visitors in the images.

For this post-production it took almost 2 months representing a complete sound realization for
• Creating sound environments.
• Creation of original music.
• Sound editing sharp & rhythmic
• Mixing in 7.1 and 5.1

The film's post-production team was split between Paris, Bordeaux & Avignon. The server served for all media exchanges and witnesses for validations.

It was a job as sharp and demanding as a piece of fiction for a 30-minute film.

The first installation took place at the MIPIM show in Cannes where the film was broadcast in a loop from March 6 to 9 and was apparently very noticed!

The founding foundation of this project now seems to want to implement the same device in other places to live this very successful exhibition orchestrated by Gabriel Pistre.